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Balin on his Throne

Balin is a Dwarven Pathfinder and was instrumental in the taking back his dwarven homeland. 

In May 23, 2481 AE of the Great War, Balin led a small army of dwarves to liberated their homeland. One day later, Myrgard was liberated after the destruction of the Ghôls Godhead. The dwarves and the ghôls hatred for each other would only grow stronger than ever before. 

Balin hates ghôls and all forms of undead. He sees them abominations and should be destroyed in their entirety. With help from the Legion, he in hopes to rid his land of the Dark and allow peace to reign throughout the world once again. 

Sometime after the war, Balin fathered a son named Jari

Flavor Text[]

"Iri trekked for three days through Ghol haunted hills, eating as he walked, sleeping between footfalls; he ran for the last 5 hours, traversing the 26 mile wide corpse-filled morass ringing Covenant..."