King Beowulf was a formidable warrior. It was said that he forgo the use of the Berserk's two-handed blade for the use of a battle ax. Beowulf had strong feats when it came to slaying the enemy, and eventually found himself made into the King of Tandem. Beowulf fought long and hard against the dark but unfortunately fell to Shiver's hordes covering Alric's retreat with the Legion. Beowulf was an older man but wielded his great ax to the bitter end. It was said that the ax he wielded was none other than the ax of Connacht himself.


Beowulf was a mighty warrior, like Fenris, he could do a massive blow with his weapon that scattered his enemy's body to pieces. Not only could Beowulf do this to one individual, but his attack covered a greater radius than Fenris' ability. Also, when King Beowulf started to get low on health, his attack speed, mana, and damage would increase exponentially--he was also immune to stun when in this battle rage. On his last hit, Beowulf would fight for a full minute before succumbing to death, ignoring whatever attacks were thrown at him.