Wolf Wizard by BustedFluxcapacitor


Boncuar was a powerful and ancient Sorcerer from the same time as Thorago. He is known as the "Old Man of the Woods," and in his army he commands Shalam, North Wolves, and Northmen. Boncuar sought a m
Boncuar wolf form

Boncuar in wolf form

agical artifact known as the Articus which held power over the Shalam at the time. The events of Boncuar's life take place in the Northern parts of the Myth world. Eventually he is slain in battle but comes back taking the form of a very large white wolf. 

It is stated that Boncuar was an ancient sorcerer from the past, but what is affliation is to the avatara and the Light is unknown. Boncuar bears a similar background to Cu Roi or Durak. Given that his story states that he is a type of guardian in the north, it can be presumed that he didn't answer the call of the avatara due to the fact that the people of the north had their own dangers with Thorago to worry about. Most likely he ended up an ally of Alric, or Alric knew about him and understood his secretive purpose and didn't tell his force about Boncuar participating in the war against Soulblighter.