After the war against Balor ended, the fir'bolg returned to their own land. The truce remained intact, but they swore that they would never fight outside of their borders again. Humans who had fought alongside them had come to rely on the fir'bolg ability to attack opponents from a distance, and human militias soon drummed up their own groups of bowmen.

Abilities Edit

Bowmen are basic ranged units, slower and weaker than Warriors, but may attack from afar. A group of bowmen can do substantial damage to enemy forces while they're still too far off to fight back.

Fire arrow: In addition, each unit carries a fire arrow that can be activated by selecting the unit, pressing the special action key (T), and attacking an enemy unit or the ground. Human archers come equipped with one fire arrow per archer on most single and multiplayer maps. This fire arrow, when fired at flammable terrain, can inflict great damage on a clumped group of units or provide an effective barrier against advancing enemy.

Knife: If cornered, bowmen can fight with a knife (although this is not their strong suit). Though they will flee a melee attacker or reposition for another shot if the attacker comes too near if not ordered to use the knife. To make your bowmen fight hand-to-hand, select the bowman, then double click on a nearby enemy unit. Human archers have a stronger close range attack than the fir'Bolg. Although weak, many Bowmen can be used together to kill a unit that has come too close to be shot, or to kill an arrow-immune Stygian Knight. On average six unexperienced Bowmen can melee a Stygian Knight with high casualties.

How To Use Edit

Positioning: Always set up your Bowman on the highest possible locations (being sure to protect them from rear attacks) in a Long or Staggered Line formation, as situations dictate.

Fire arrow: Launch your Fire Arrows into large crowds of Thrall or seal off narrow passageways with a welcome mat of flame. Cut off an enemy's retreat or set off unexploded Dwarven explosives or Pus Packets with a finely placed campfire.

Defense: Bowmen are very slow and a bit fragile. On a good day, they can outrun a Thrall, but not much else. As such, keep them well defended, especially from charging Ghôls. Keep a line of Warriors behind a loose line of Bowmen and bring them forward when an attack arrives.

Fire & retreat: One of the most important techniques in using Bowman is the fire-and-retreat shuffle. Bowmen will stand in a nice tidy, easy-to-target line while they attack. As such, they are vulnerable to enemy projectiles while they launch their own attack. To combat this, target an enemy and, after the Bowman attack, direct them to an area behind their current position. The Bowmen will move to the new position as the enemy projectile attack arrives and misses, allowing them a moment to fire again and repeat the same trick.

Target choice: Bowmen are your most potent weapons against Fetches, distant Ghôls, Spiders, Soulless, Wolves, and Wights (two or three arrows will detonate an approaching Wight, but make sure he's far away). In large groups, they are also fairly useful against Trow. They are less effective against other units, but the only enemies who do not fear them at all are the Stygian Knights, who are completely immune to arrow attacks.