Emperor Ceiscoran was the ruler of the Cath Bruig Empire and was killed by Balor himself. Ceiscoran is well noted in the Myth history for commissioning several copies of the Ibis Crown to be made. An older man by the time of Balor's coming. Ceiscoran fought valiantly against the hordes of undead, but Balor ultimately struck him down and claimed Ceiscoran's false crown for his own.

Powers Edit

It is unknown whether Ceiscoran actually wore the Ibis Crown or not. If he had wore the crown, he would have most likely hid it down in the mausoleum before the Fallen Lords could take it. Ceiscoran probably knew that his kingdom was no match for all the Fallen Lords and their hordes of undead. Ceiscoran, because of his length of time with the artifacts of the Cath Bruig, probably possessed some minor powers from the Ibis Crown itself.