Clovis was a former Warlord that created the Cath Bruig Empire. Clovis became the first Emperor and wore the Ibis Crown upon his brow. Clovis ruled and fought against the Dark, and Mazzarin was his greatest Avatara. Clovis was a noble and just ruler. He sought out the aid of many and forged many alliances with the indigenous races around the world. The Dwarves were really close to Clovis and built a mausoleum in his honor. Clovis was not just an ally with the Dwarves, but he also forged peace treaties with the Skrael, Forest Giants, men of Gower (Northmen), and Fir'Bolg.

Clovis may have wielded Balmung, but this is just speculation--it would make sense though since his items would be buried in the mausoleum with him, thus many of the Emperors knew about these artifacts but feared they would fall into the hands of the Dark, perhaps this is why many other Emperors did not use the Ibis Crown or Balamung sooner--because they knew they were locked up in the mausoleum and copies were made of the crown later to make the theft of the real one more difficult.