King Cu Chulain took over Tyr after Diarmuid's death. Cu Chulain was one of the few Kings to actually survive Soulblighter's butchery. When his city fell, Cu Chulain and several warriors fought their way to the docks and sailed to the island across from their city. There they hid until the ending reign of Soulblighter and Shiver. Cu Chulain was middle aged during the time of Myth 2 Soulbighter, having taken up the crown of Diarmuid when he was in his youth after the Great War. Cu Chulain was brave, smart, and well versed in commanding troops. He was a fitting choice for the crown of Tyr.

Powers Edit

Cu Chulain took up Diarmuid's swords. He bore both blades that turned undead into ash. He was considered by many to be a better warrior than Diarmuid--and smarter as well. Unlike many kingdoms, Cu Chulain employed cavalry in his army. Cu Chulain was considered to be very strong and rode in a chariot or on horse as well.