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Cu Roi

Cu Roi was one of the Nine avataras who led the Legion during the Great War against Balor and the Fallen Lords. Cu Roi, along with Murgen, led the Legion eastwards into Forest Heart to find the Forest Giants for help against the Dark. Their mission was thrown into chaos when Soulblighter's army attacked Forest Heart. Although they managed to fend the undead off with the Forest Giants' aid, Soulblighter trapped them inside the newly rediscovered Tain.

Murgen and Cu Roi led the captured soldiers to find a way out of the artifact, negotiating the many traps and the cave spiders that infested it's caverns. It was here that the Legion came across a Myrkridian skull platform and the battle standard that rested on top of it.

The secret exit was found and in a gamble, having found less then fifty of the Legion, Murgen and Cu Roi opted to destroy the Tain at the exit in hopes that the rest of survivors would be freed.

Through a powerful spell, Murgen shattered the Tain and freeing the Legion. Sadly, he and Cu Roi did not survive the Tain's destruction.

Fanon Descriptions[]

A hermit avatara with powers over the Dreams of Nature. He does not no really associate with men, but with the wild beasts and the Forest Giants. He wars against Balor to save forest and to save nature. He can communicate with animals, can control the plants and life itself. Of the Nine, he brings to the table a unique perspective on the workings of the land, the deeds of men and the wars of Balor. Unlike the other Nine, though, he does not actively fight unless he must. He chooses instead a passive resistance – building of defenses, the seeding of new forests, and the establishment of new life. But in time, even he came to recognize that it was not enough, and so joined the cause of Alric, and promising him the powers of the Wilderness would be turned against Balor.

Upon the shoulders of the Forest Giant rode a man in furs, with eyes that looked as ancient as the forest itself... at his feet ran a pack of wolves, and behind a host of other creatures from the wood."


Cu Roi's powers were much like Durak's powers. Cu Roi could fire bolts of white energy at will, he could summon a wolf spirit that could blow up opponents with a magical howl, he could transform into a Forest Giant, he could summon roots from the ground in Forest Giant form, and he could fight with his staff in hand to hand, but preferred to transform into a Forest Giant if things got too close. Cu Roi could also summon hawks for scouting and could use roots to heal or attack units.