Forgoing the favor of the sword, Fei Llawn followed his father's legacy in fireworks. His alchemy skills were known throughout the West and Fei Llawn was said to have even possessed some magical skills. Often regarded as the "White Warlock" Fei Llawn survived the Darks assaults and fled with his army to the same island that Cu Chulain was at. There they combined forces and waited for Soulblighter's forces to face them. Luckily, Soulbligher and Shiver had other matters to attend to, and Fei Llawn and Cu Chulain were spared of the fate of undeath.

Powers Edit

Fei Llawn did not wield any melee weapons. He appeared like a White Warlock with a white beard. He could fire out a lightning ball that shot out many bolts of lightning, or he could launch fireworks in a better fashion than his father Malagigi did. At one point he bore the wand that his father made and he could freeze the Mahir in place.