M2 Fetch

Fetch concept art by Juan Ramirez.

The Fetch were some of Balor's most deadly followers during the Great War.

The Fetch are not native to the Myth world and are actually alien preistesses from another planet, summoned by Balor to fight in his name. The Fetch in their dealings are known to be arrogant and somewhat full of themselves as they actually wear the skins of those that they kill as a sort of trophy, masking thier true forms. what they look like underneath the skins is not known as they leave the world like ghost soaring to the heavens upon death, leaving only the rotting skin behind.

The Fetch can cast lightning bolts from their clawed hands that can devestate whole ranks of troops, rendering them into smoking charred husks. These lighting bolts can also deflect incoming arrows and detonate unexploded explosives. This is something that the Fetch are proud of.

They served Balor with great skill during the Great War, leading his undead hordes and causing destruction whever they go to the forces of Light. With Balor's defeat and subsequent destruction, they found themselves stranded in a world that they despised. They followed Soulblighter in the second war in the hopes that he would honour Balor's pledge to send them home.

But with Soulblighter's death at the hands of Alric, like Balor before him, the Fetch currently left in the world currently have no means of returning to their homeworld.