Forest Giant

A Forest Giant by Juan Ramirez.

Massive wooden dwellers of Forest Heart. Their emnity with the Trow goes back for centuries. The towering Forest Giant can swat smaller enemies out of his way, and beat larger foes into submission. -Forest Giant Description, Cast of Characters, Myth TFL Manual

Description Edit

The Forest Giants, or Ents, are the inhabitants of Forest Heart. A race of tree-like giants who hold high reverence to nature.

In the ancient past, the Forest Giants original home forest was razed by the Trow who were using the ancient trees as fuel to feed their great forges. Since cutting down a living tree was akin to murder to an Ent, they warned the Trow to stop but were ignored. The Forest Giants fought against the Trow but were unable to stop the Trow and their iron weapons from destroying their homeland. The Dire Marsh is what remained of their home.

In the end, the Forest Giants traveled far south, away from the Trow and eventually reached Forest Heart. To the present day, the Forest Giants have never forgiven the Trow for how they 'poisoned the soul of iron'.

The Forest Giants aided the Light during the Great War, lending their great strength to combat the Dark and provide a defense against the Trow who had joined Balor. However, for reasons unknown they withdrew their support for thirteen years, causing the downfall of the Provinces. During the final year of the war, the Avatara, Murgen and Cu Roi, tried to persuade the Giants to help them just as Soulblighter fell upon them. After fending off Soulblighter, some of the Giant traveled with The Legion and proved instrumental in capturing a bridge to Balor's fortress.