Ghol Concept art by Juan Ramirez

The Ghols are a bestial race of knuckle-draggers that hail from the Badlands. Ghols are roughly the size of large dogs and they carry large cleavers the size of their own arms.

Ghols are divided into three castes: regular Ghols, Ghol Brutes which are the largest Ghols of the horde and the Ghol Priests who lead them and offer up scarifices to the dark gods. The most scared relic of their race is the ancestral stone Godhead. The Ghols had worshiped this enormous peice of unworked stone since the birth of their race, rolling its many hundreds of tons wherever their migrations take them.

The Ghols had been the ancestral foes of the Dwarven race since the beginning of time and the pillaging of the Dwarven city of Myrgard has been the Ghols dream for centuries.

They very nearly conquered Myrgard during the Wind Age until the timely arrival of Connacht, who then established an aliiance between the dwarven kingdoms and the Cath Bruig empire.

The Ghols joined Balor during the Great War after he promised them Myrgard in exchange for their alligience. With the Leveler helping them, the Ghols finally conquered Myrgard, forcing the Dwarves to flee to the rest. The city of Stoneheim entombed themselves rather then let themselves share the same fate as Myrgard.

However, the Ghols would lose their prize before the war was out. Thirty years after their victory, the pathfinder Balin led a band of dwarves into Myrgard by balloon with the intention on killing as many ghols as they could. despite the Ghols vastly superior numbers, the dwarves were able to destory the Ghols sacred stone Godhead and drive the remaining Ghols out of Myrgard. With their most sacred possesion destroyed. the Ghols vowed to 'devour the Dwarves from existance'.

They joined Soulblighter during the next war, serving much like they did under Balor.