Gor-Ash was the leader of the Bre'Unors in the Ermine. Natural enemies to the Light and the Fir'Bolg, Gor-Ash led his troops against the Fir'Bolg on many occassions. Considered to be a legendary warrior, Gor-Ash rules the Bre'Unors through fear. He is thought to be the son of their god and he is also considered her avatar. He is in direct opposition to anyone who supports the Fir'Bolg and hates the Fir'Bolg's royal line with a passion!

Gor-Ash commands a host of wood like warriors, including Grey Wolves, Bre'Unors, Bre'Unor Shamans, Changlings, and he even marches to war with woodland wisps/spirits. Gor-Ash hates the Fir'Bolg and all of the Fir'Bolgs allies. He sent many wolves and Bre'Unor to kill the legion's troops when passing through the Ermine! It is unknown if Soulblighter had some kind of deal with him or if Gor-Ash just hated anyone that came through the Ermine--either way, the Legion's members were in danger when they went through the Ermine on there way to revive the Deceiver