Heron Guard

The Heron Guards are the elite soldiers of the Cath Bruig Empire and the personal bodyguards of the Emperors.

The Heron Guard are drawn from the best soldiers from all across the empire who gather during a septannual tournament. during this tournament, 100 of the best soldiers will battle each other in a series of matches and from this 100 only 5 will be chosen to join the Heron Guard.

Each Heron Guard is then given a new name based on the old Cath Bruig calendar which will be their spoken name from that moment on. It is also during initiation that a ritual is performed on the new recruits which bestows upon them longevity as Heron Guards have longer life spans than lesser men.

When Miurthemne fell to Balor and the empire reduced to a desert wasteland, the Heron Guards fell into a state of penance for they were absent during the fall of the city. Returning to the ruins, they each cast away their armour and weapons and each tore down nine gold tiles from the walls, donned heavy fur coats and wielded a common man's shovel.



Journeyman concept art by Juan Ramirez

The Heron Guard were disbanded and in their place came the wandering healers, Journeyman. They would remain in this state of penance throughout the Great War, bringing their healing skills and knowledge of ancient lore to aid the forces of Light.

Heron Guard RebornEdit

It was sixty years after the end of the Great War that the Heron Guard would return. When Soulblighter returned with the Myrkridia at his command, King Alric ordered the recapture of Miurthemne in order to recover the Ibis Crown to even the odds. The Ibis Crown was recovered and Alric was coronated as the new emperor of the Cath Bruig empire. The Journeyman, after a hundred years of self imposed penance for their previous dishonour, threw down the gold tiles from their necks and swore fealty to the new emperor.

The Journeyman was no more and the Heron Guard was resurrected. During the coronation, Muirthemne was attacked by the Myrkridia and the Heron Guard were given their chance of redemption. They are succesful in driving the beasts away from their city.

The Heron Guard proved their worth throughout the battles with Soulblighter and after the Fallen Lord's demise they returned to their ancient city. The Heron Guard then reinstated their tournament to fill out their ranks. One new addition to this ancient order was that some of the Heron Guard still wore the robes of the Journeyman in rememberance of their past.