Hrungnir was the Chief of Gower during the Great War and during the time of Myth 2 Soulblighter. He was a young and arrogant chief, but the losses of his people in Gower to Balor's forces humbled him and he began to learn humility. During the second war, Hrungnir had aged but could still wield javelins and small forms of shamanism with ease. He fought against the dark with hit and run tactics--some say that he had the blood of Connacht running through him, but this was mere speculation, for Hrungnir's deeds are the only thing that made him akin to Connacht himself.

Powers Edit

Hrungnir held a shamanistic scepter that allowed him to shoot out yellow electric rays of fire. He could also throw exploding javelins and was a good fighter in hand to hand combat. All of these traits are what made him an excellent Chief of Gower.