New Nine

The hypothetical Nine were a group of quasi-avataras that allied with Alric during the events of Myth 2 Soulblighter. Though no evidence is established, there is no evidence that disestablishes this notion. Therefore, the hypothetical Nine that Alric probably had helping him during the events of Myth 2 Soulblighter are:

It is not known if Alric really set this up, but given that there is much of the Myth world yet to discover--anything is possible and these characters make the most sense. Even if Alric did not set these up, these warriors were fighting as allies to him around the Myth world. It is also not known which Avatara's had sons/daughters. Baeldun, Antero, and Durak are all hypothesized to be children of Maeldun, Nelarn, and Cu Roi--but more children could have existed in the Myth world. Antero and Durak would most likely be the oldest of the Avatara's children given that Nelarn was extremely old and Cu Roi had Durak much earlier in life.  

While the Nine list above were Alric's replacements, other rulers and heroes also aided in the war against Soulbighter and should be listed as well: