A Journeyman recovering the Iblis Crown.

The Ibis Crown of the emperors of the Cath Bruig Empire is an extremely powerful artifact.

Legends of the crown tell that it bestows it's wearer with truly staggering magical power, enough to send forth an empowered army to smite down the enemies of the empire.

It is likely that The Leveler knew of the crown's power and had made at least two attempts to possess it. First was when Moagim struck down Emperor Leitrim at the Stair of Grief (known then as the Norn Pass) and stole the crown from his barely cold body. Despite possessing the crown, he was killed by Connacht and the crown was recovered. The second was before Muirthemne's destruction when the last emperor, Ceiscoran, in order to make sure the crown was not taken by Balor, commissioned at great expense eleven copies of the crown to make its theft more difficult. When Muirthemne fell to Balor, he was not able to find the true crown.

When Soulblighter and his Myrkridia hordes were decimating the west, King Alric led the Legion to Muirthemne to search for the crown. Soulblighter may have been looking for the crown as well, or was at least attempting to deny it from the The Light, as the city was crawling with Fetch and Myrkridia. Upon learning that the crown was hidden in the haunted mausoleum of Clovis, a small party was sent down to find the crown. They are successful and Alric was crowned the new emperor of the Cath Bruig. The Crown boosted Alric's already formidable magic powers tenfold, which allowed him to fight Soulblighter face to face during the final battle around and in Tharsis.