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Kyrand dying

Kyrand was the father of Kyrilla, and a masterful Sorcerer. He was considered very powerful and served as an ally to Alric. During the events of Myth 2 Soulblighter, Kyrand, Fenris, Four Bear Silent Oak, and ne'Ric set out to destroy Cartuke. They succeeded at the cost of Kyrand's life. Many years after the fall of Soulblighter, Kyrand's daughter Kyrilla grew up and was seduced by Cartuke (who had returned to the world). It is unknown where Kyrand came from, but most likely he was from the North--possibly Tandem. The only evidence of Kyrand's lineage comes from his daughter's red hair, which is an identifiable feature to the men of the north.

Powers Edit

Kyrand probably had similar powers to his daughter Kyrilla. He could teleport, become ethereal, shape-shift to look like other humans, command wasps, and fire lightning bolts. Kyrand also bore a magical amulet, what powers it afforded him are unknown, but this item was key in convincing Kyrilla to aid Alric's Ops group in defeating Cartuke one last time.