Mauriac is a Warrior captain during the Great war.

Mauriac was the prince regent of Covenant during Alric's adolescence and instrumentaly saved the furture king's life by leading him and his family thorugh a secret tunnel when Covenant fell to Balor.

Mauriac gained renown during the early years of the Great War when he slew Fang-Grinder, the so called king of Ghols. The first time Mauriac encountered Fang-Grinder, his unit fell before the bloodthirsty Ghol and he fled in shame. But the second time would prove to be more in the Warriors favour. wandering alone in the swamp after his defeat, he came upon the wounded Fang-Grinder and a fight ensued which resulted in the Ghol's death.

Mauriac had regained his Warriors honour after this victory.

Mauriac was also the leader of the first expidition to recover the Total Codex from the ruins of Covenant. his mission faild and most of his force was killed in a final stand at the old cathedral where the Codex was located. He was rescued by The Legion and provided them with the location of the secret tunnel so that they could elude The Watcher.

Mauriac fought on in the war, managing to survive to it's end.

After the Great War, he and the few veterans who survived formed a military program to ensure that future generations would never suffer the casualties inflicted by Balor and the Fallen Lords.