Moagim, the Faceless Terror

The Leveler who brought forth the Myrkridia and ushered in the Wind Age. His name is synonymous with evil. It is rumored that this long dead fiend has returned from the grave to destroy the world once again. -Moagim Description, Glossary, Myth III Manual

Description Edit

Moagim, also known as "the Faceless Terror", was previously Tireces the Poet during the Age of Reason, and became the second host of the Leveler thousands of years after the defeat of Soroganth. Despite knowing of his arrival ahead of time, The Avatara were not fully prepare to face the his wrath as he attacked the empire with his dark magic and a large legion of undead. A long epic battle between the Cath Bruig Empire and Moagim's dark forces would rage on for many years until the tides began to turn against him. Sensing the inevitable, he conducted a plan to avenge his own death. Performing a dark ritual, he created a doorway to a dark, distant world filled with fearsome, lurking creatures. Shortly after, he was quickly captured and brought forth to the Citidal of Illuan to for justice. He was drawn and quartered, with the horses pulling what remained to the four corners of the world.

The Faceless Terror laughed at the Avatara as he was executed, knowing that he secured his final act of vengeance; Moagim's ritual had unleashed the Myrkridia upon the world, ushering in the Wind Age.

He was later resurrected by Mjarin as Moagim Reborn, and was slain by Connacht, who would later become another host of the Leveler. Moagim was drawn and quartered  by the soldiers of Llancarfan. His body was completely incinerated, and ashes were buried deep beneath the earth.

As to how Mjarin managed to resurrect Moagim is unknown.