Rabican, Murgen and Maeldun, left to right. Three of the Nine Avatara leaders of the Light.

Murgen: One of the Nine. A former traveling Avatara and master of the Elemental Dreams.

Murgen holds within him the powers of the Elements. He is known as the Traveling Avatara due to his travelling nature. Unlike most of the other Nine, he does not possess an army but goes to the areas where he believes that need his help the most, and offers his assistance to the army and the leaders. Despite his good intentions, he is known in some areas a wind of ill fortune, for his coming typically means that the forces of Balor will not be far behind. Nonetheless, he is a courageous soul and never refuses to give up or stop fighting, no matter how many rulers think about his arrival. He joined Alric eventually, doing as he always did. But he did not show up for the Council of the Nine, but made his own consuls and followed them instead.

"Have you ever flown with the elemental spirits of the winds, or watched the tempest sweep across the land, or witnessed the fury of the earth as it churns and rends itself in its unbridled might?"

Murgen along with Cu Roi led The Legion eastwards to Forest Heart to find the Forest Giants for help against the Dark. Their mission was thrown into chaos when Soulblighter's army attacked Forest Heart. Although The Legion maages to fend the undead off with the Forest Giants' aid, Soulblight trapped them inside the newly rediscovered Tain.

Murgen led the few soldiers He and Cu Roi could find to try and find a way out of the artifact, negotiating the many traps and the Giant Spiders that infested it's caverns. it was here that He and The Legion came across a Myrkridian skull platform and the battle standard that rested on top of it.

The secret exit was found and in a gamble, having found less then fifty of the legion, Murgen opted to destroy the Tain at the exit in hopes that the rest of The Legion would be freed.

Through a powerful spell, Murgen shattered the Tain and freeing The Legion but, sadly, He and Cu Roi did not survive the Tain's destruction.

Powers Edit

Murgen was the Avatara of Elementals, thus he could create earthquakes, shoot out tornadoes, teleport, and was even considered as good with a sword as Alric was during the events of Myth 1 the Fallen Lords.