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HD carnage on Gonens Bridge

Already half-beaten by bowmen & dwarves, the remnants of a small patrol of undead are about to stain the ground with the rest of their blood, courtesy of a force on high ground

Welcome to Mythipedia, the Myth games wiki!

Myth is a 3rd-person real-time tactical combat series originally created by Bungie. Set in a medieval/fantasy world, expansions can convert Myth into modern warfare (Green Berets, WWII), science fiction (Marathon, Jinn, Star Wars, Colonial Marines "Aliens" ), feudal Japan (Bushido), survival horror, the Wild West, the American Civil War, etc. This wiki aims to contain all the information on the game world, levels, units, plugins and people.

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For an overview of Myth, and get into playing as quickly as possible, read the Intro To Myth

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