Winter mage


: One of the Nine. An Avatara of the North, wielder of the Ice Dreams. 

Numeril is an Avatara of the Northlands, with mastery of the Snow and the Ice. He first summoned the powers of Ice in his late teens, summoning a blizzard to show off to his friend Jarlnir, in the middle of July. Equipped with his strange new powers, he set out into the world and taught himself. He decided that he was a dangerous man who would bring misery on his village and began a self-imposed exile. He struggled to learn his powers, but it was difficult for there were few who could teach him. Magic was a rare gift. He stumbled upon fragments of scrolls, books and runes and he began to derive knowledge of his powers. He eventually became strong enough that he attracted the attention of Alric, and was recruited into the fight against Balor. He was acknowledged a powerful Sorcerer, and became one of the Nine. 

"The field was covered in a blanket of snow... it flew all around him, so intense that it blinded him almost completely... Jarlnir could only gape, for it was the middle of July, and the sun was blazing." 

Powers Edit

Arguably the weakest of the Nine, Numeril nonetheless was a powerful Avatara of Ice. Numeril could unleash a blizzard storm which froze and destroyed troops, he could summon a hail storm, he could create an ice aura around himself, and he could fire an iceball that created a pillar of ice that paralyzed any who came toward it. He could also fire icebolts. He was not considered good at melee.