Orlino: One of the Nine. Avatara of the Cath Bruig, master of Fire Dreams. 
Fire mage


Orlino is the master of Fire Dreams. He stood against Balor even as Alric marshaled his forces, and he stood proud, and alone. He destroyed single-handedly an entire force sent by the Leveler to destroy him, and stood alone afterwards in a wasteland of his own creation, bowing in reverence to both the dead and the land. He did not wish to join Alric’s cause at first, believing that he needed no one. But the Leveler was mighty, and even he came to realize that he could not stand against the forces of the Leveler alone and yet live. And so he came to Alric after Alric had left and pledged his services for the duration of the war, until Balor had been vanquished. 

"A mile wide swath of earth had been obliterated... littered with deep craters and burn-marks and scorched pieces of the dead... Orlino bowed his head in reverence. For the dead, and for the land." 

Powers Edit

Orlino could fire out a blast of fire that was akin to the fire cone of a mighty dragon, he could summon a fiery explosion from the earth, he could cause fire to rain down from the heavens, Orlino could create a firewall, or cast the spell "Fire Bloom," and he could shoot out firebolts and fireballs.