ou'Kahn was father to Vy'rony and King of the Fir'Bolg during the Great War. He commissioned many of his Fir'Bolg archers to ally with Alric's legion. Many years later, he ordered the Fir'Bolg to train Humans in the ways of archery.

ou'Kahn was a powerful warrior and archer. He was renowned for his brutality against the Bre'Unor and his concealment abilities were remarkable. His archery was considered the best as he could use many magical and special arrows. Unfortunately ou'Kahn met his end by being poisoned. With his death during the time of Myth 2 Soublighter, his daughter was crowned Queen and continued to rule her people.

Powers Edit

Despite having bunches of magical and certain "trick" arrows, ou'Kahn had some Shamanistic abilities. He could communicate with Deer, Wolves, and Griffons, and after he was slain, he could reappear in spiritual form to counsel his daughter Vy'rony.