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Phexios: One of the Nine. Reclusive Avatara, wielder of Darkness Dreams.

Phexios is the holder of Darkness Dreams, and is a recluse. He lived alone in a large city, and avoided the brewing conflicts as best he could. He was at one point in time a general and a strategist, he was a mercenary fighting wars of kingdoms for whoever would pay him the most. His face bears long and jagged scars, running vertically down the sides of his face, courtesy of an early life on the streets, and his confrontation with the Untamed King. Following this event, he became a recluse. He was one of the last of the Nine to join, and then only when the others approached him and told him that his services were needed…and that the Untamed King had joined the cause of Balor. At councils of the Nine, he speaks rarely but always listens and because of this is a keen judge of character. Phexios was one of the avatara who survived the war, one of the three (other two being Alric and Maeldun).  

"At the councils of the Nine, he would stand apart from the others and say little... this man who had reduced entire armies mere sanguine stains and brought the Untamed King to his knees, was shy of his peers." 


As an Avatara of Darkness, Phexios had many weird spells that appeared dark and powerful. Phexios could use the "blood seeker" spell which were green orbs that were launched from his staff that drained the life of his opponents. Phexios could also curse units and cause them to fall apart into bloody pieces. Phexios' standard attack was a darkbolt that hurt units--and his melee with his staff could paralyze units as well. Phexios could also curse units, taking them out of the game for several minutes. Some even say that he could control Mahir or at least use powers like them.