The first Myth game, Myth: The Fallen Lords, has not been kept up-to-date to run on current computers. However, all of it's content has been ported into Myth II, so you can have virtually the same experience of playing Myth I.

First install Myth II, and the optional Myth I content. Then to play Myth I inside of Myth II:

  • Start Myth II
  • Choose "New Game"
  • In the "Campaign" listbox, find and select "Magma - The Fallen Levels v2" (Magma is the volunteer developer)
  • At the bottom of the dialog box, turn ON the checkbox for "TFL Gameplay". If you do not, you can still play the game, but it won't play the way it was supposed to play.
  • Choose your "Difficulty Level"
  • Click OK
  • Remember, as with Myth II levels, each time you finish a level, even if you're done for the night, let the next level start, and do a save game immediately. This way all your veterans that survived the previous level are carried over, and you'll have them for future game levels.