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Rabican, Murgen and Maeldun, left to right. Three of the Nine Avatara leaders of the Light.

Rabican was one of the Nine avataras who led the Legion during the Great War against Balor and the Fallen Lords.

He was one of the most powerful and distinguished for it was he who had defeated the Fallen Lord, Shiver, during the Siege of Madrigal. He had been able to defeat her after he was informed of her one weakness, vanity, by the Head.

After his victory, he personally sent the Legion into the ruins of Covenant to retrieve the Total Codex while he took his army to the Cloudspine to deny the Deceiver passage into the Province.

Rabican defeats Shiver in a Dream Duel during the Siege of Madrigal.

He led his army to hold the pass of Seven Gates against the Deceiver until the snowfall blocked the pass. He was successful in halting the Deceiver's army; however, the eruption of Tharsis proved to be Rabican's undoing as he was ambushed by the Watcher in a stunning surprise attack and was killed, his army annihilated by powerful spells and by the floods in the pass.