Roland was of Mazzarin's avatara order. He was essentially a Paladin who favored healing and goodness over any form of power. Roland aided Mazzarin and was a fast friend. Roland and Mazzarin were so close that when the Watcher attacked Mazzarin's forces, Roland was among those that perished beside his friend. Because of Roland's piety, he could not be raised as an undead.

Powers Edit

Roland had many items and abilities that made him stand out in the avatara order. He had a magical suit of armor that reduced damage taken, he had a sword that could smite undead, he could do a healing burst (a blast of healing that killed all undead and healed all troops), he could rejuvenate troops to full health, he could cast holy sight and acquire the location of everything on the battlefield, he could make a holy ring around himself to heal and hurt troops, and he could use an ability called teleheal in which he could heal friends/foes at a great distance. Roland is the Paladin character in Mazzarin's demise, though in the plugin he is called Davin. Lore wise he is Roland.