Ravanna (Shiver)

Shiver, also known as Ravanna, was Damas' lover and wife during the Wolf Age. During the events of Myth the Fallen Lords--their love had apparently evaporated into nothing. Though this could be a false axiom, given that Soulblighter used Transmist's Mirror to resurrect her, (making her more powerful in the process).

Shiver eventually grows to become a thorn in Soulblighter's side, and he decides to betray her by "washing her and Alric out to sea." It is probable that Shiver grew to be too dangerous and Soulblighter wanted her out of the way.

Eventually The Deceiver and Five Heroes hunted her down and destroyed her. Her vanity was again used, and she was destroyed totally.

During the events of Myth the Fallen Lords. Shiver served under Balor and was defeated in a dream duel with Rabican (one of the Nine).

Powers Edit

Shiver could utilize many dreams such as the Tremor Dream, an earth ripping attack that caused massive damage--and could outright kill heroes if aimed at the right time. Shiver could also blast white energy and create a bluish mist circle of death/cold. She also had the ability to hover like that of a Souless. Shiver could also use the Whisper Dream, a spell that allowed her to battle in the minds of her opponents. She also was capable of creating Wights and Dirigibles.