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The Sileh'hei were a fearsome race that were eventually destroyed by the Iron Trow and their slaves. A race known as the Sileh'hei, coveted the Trow lands and knowledge. Believing the Trow's aloofness to be a sign of weakness, they sacked the Trow's temples and brought them to war. Having never fought a battle in their history, the Trow were shocked by the savagery of the Sileh'hei, and many fell to their wicked attacks. For the first time, the Trow saw members of their immortal race die.

The Trow priests prayed to Nyx, pleading for her aid. And in the temple at Rhi'anon, she whispered to her children the secret of iron.

Forging iron weapons, the Trow defended their homeland with vigor. The Sileh'hei were not prepared for the full extent of the Trow's wrath. Even when they ended their attacks and retreated to their mountainous caves, the Trow pursued them. Angered as they were, the Trow hunted the Sileh'hei to extinction. The Trow had learned to war - and now they turned their eyes to the other races who would interfere with them.