Damas (Soulblighter)

is one of The Fallen Lords and Balor's second in command. He used to be Connacht's lieutenant Damas.

Damas was Connacht's lieutenant during the Wind Age and was his closest friend. Thus he was told of Connacht's knowledge that he would be the next incarnation of The Leveler and so was asked to help destroy or hide away magical artifacts that may help him after he turns. Damas then found immortality through various rituals and other practices, notably removing his nose, lips, eyelids, and multiple things from inside his body.

As he was immortal, when Balor rose as the Leveler, he was there to be his second in command. Soulblighter is one of the most powerful of The Fallen Lords. Although not as well versed in magic as others such as The Deceiver or The Watcher, he is a powerful combatant. He also has the power to transform into a murder of crows and fly away if in a situation that proves undesirable. This also is countered when in Myth II: Soulblighter, The Deceiver catches one of the crows and in doing so, makes him unable to transform, allowing him to be cornered later by Alric.

Powers Edit

Soulblighter had the power to create undead in Myth II: Soulblighter, he could also transform into a "murder of crows," he also could create a fire shield around himself to burn any opponent that dared to attack him, he could create a fire ring around himself, he could summon creatures and undead, but beyond all of this was his powerful melee abilities. It took a magic weapon or magic to harm Soulblighter as he was impervious to all physical harm. He was phenomenal with his naginata, and he could move extremely fast. It is also told that Soulblighter bore a powerful resurrecting artifact known as Tramist's Mirror, which he used to resurrect Shiver.