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These Special Abilities and Dream Spells can turn the tide of battle with the press of the special key (the T key).

Special Abilities[]


When cast by a Warlock, this spell confuses the enemy, who then attacks anything that it bumps into.


Utilizing a special concoction, the Dwarven Smiths can shoot out a mini flamethrower capable of burning a small group of enemies into a cinder.

Fire Arrows[]

Bowmen can shot fire arrows at flammable terrain to inflict great damage on a clumped group of units or provide an effective barrier against advancing enemy.

Foot Stomp[]

Some Trow Priests have the ability to stomp the ground to briefly stun nearby targets.


Journeymen and Heron Guard are great healers. With the use of a Mandrake Roots, a wounded ally can replenish most their health points and inflect great damage to an undead target.

Hold Spell[]

Once a Mahir chooses its prey, it will cast this ability to freeze its target before draining their life force.

Object Toss[]

Ghols can pick up various objects to use as a projectile. While any piece of shrapnel will work, ghols prefer the use of Wight puss to paralyze and blow up their enemies. While dwarves cannot pick up most objects, they can pick up and toss special items and artifacts for puzzle solving.

Drop Satchel Charges[]

Dwarven Demolitionists love to place satchel charges on the ground. Throwing a molotov cocktail at these charges will set off a bigger explosion for greater damage. However, fire arrows, lighting bolts, and fireballs may also cause the charges to explode.

Self Destruct[]

Wights will stab themselves at nearby targets to blow themselves up. Their explosions have been known to paralyze most things caught in the blast radius.

Stun / Poison Arrows[]

Despite its name, these fir'Bolg made arrows aren't poisonous. However, they can stun a single target if hit with one.

Ring of Fire[]

When cast by a Warlock of Fire, a ring of fire surrounds and protects him. It not only damages would-be assailants, it also absorbs part of their attack.

Venom of Syrkrosh[]

A Spider Priestess can toss potions towards their victims, creating a green, poisonous cloud to paralyze them.

Dream Magic[]

Wyrd Magic[]

Dispersal Dream / Dream of Dispersal[]

This is the most prominent spell of the avatara. Casting this powerful dream upon a target within a group will cause a detonating chain reaction, wiping out an entire army. However, it can also effect the player's troops if they are too close to the spell's action,

Dream of Release / Release Dream[]

Used by the avatara Myrdred, casting this spell will break the magical binds of a group of Oghre slaves, giving back their free will.

Nyx Magic[]

Dream of Subjugation / Dream of Servitude[]

Trow Priests have the power to reverse the effect of the Dream of Release using this spell. Casting it will bind the Oghres to the trow's will, enslaving them.

Dream of Molten Iron[]

This dangerous spell of the Trow Priests creates a geyser of fiery rock to burst from beneath the feet of enemies.

Dark Magic[]

Binding Dream / Dream of Binding[]

Used by the Fallen Lord the Deceiver, casting this spell will magical bind a single target to mind control it.

Dream of Unlife / Unlife Dream[]

This reanimation spell is most prominent within the Dark and the Fallen Lords. Rediscovered by Bahl'lal the Watcher, this dark dream rises the dead to added to their Thrall army.

Fire Wave[]

Used by the Warlock High-Master Mjarin, this powerful spell projects a giant wave of fire to incinerate anything that it touches.

Lightning Dream[]

Used by the Leveler Balor, this ability allows the user to cast and infinite amount of green lightning bolts from the sky, scorching enemies into burnt pieces.

Savage Wind Dream[]

Ghol Priests can create a mini-tornado to trap enemies inside. The tornado will also pick up anything in the vicinity, creating a whirlwind of shrapnel, puss, and body parts that deals serious damage to those who get caught.

Shade's Dream[]

This is the most prominent spell of the Shade. Casting this powerful dream upon a target within a group will cause a detonating chain reaction, wiping out an entire army. However, it can also effect the player's troops if they are too close to the spell's action.

Tremor Dream[]

Used by the Fallen Lord Shiver, this spell is a earth ripping attack that can caused massive damage and kill those who are hit directly.

Vortex Dream[]

Moagim could shoot a magical ball that streaks towards its target. When the ball hits or reaches a certain range, it acts as an electric turret that will zap bolts at anything nearby (including its spellcaster).

Whisper Dream[]

There are two variations of this spell. Shiver's dream is a blast of white energy, creating a misty circle of cold death. The Watcher's dream, however, is a seemingly harmless looking glowing ball that'll explode its target with a deadly volcanic blast.