The Spider God Syrkrosh

The Spider God was a god known as Syrkrosh that was worshipped by the Spider-Cult. She was eventually imprisoned within the Tain by the Dwarfs. How powerful she is after entering the Myth world is purely up to speculation--but it would seem that she is weakened when she goes from dimension to dimension.

She was not present in the Tain when the Legion was trapped in the Great War--and Syrkrosh was not present when the Deceiver entered with his forces to kill the Summoner. Syrkrosh's fate is ultimately unknown, but given that the Tain shattered, and she is considered a God--she may have escaped and wonders the Myth world--gaining power and consuming food--or possibly Soulblighter could have enlisted her aid, but it is doubtful that he could have controlled her for very long, and he eventually may have had the same issue as he had with Shiver.

Powers Edit

In Syrkrosh's weakened state, she could shoot out poisonous bubbles that injured and paralyzed victims. She also could move over rough terrain and heal herself. Despite her physical form being destroyed by the Dwarves, her spirit still lingers and can manifest itself into a new body. It was said that Syrkrosh could also spin webs that could block out sunlight. Syrkrosh could also produce hundreds of children in a matter of days, making her a very fertile and dangerous God.