Tfear was the son of Phexios. He called himself Tfear due to his father being proficient at casting curse spells and being an Avatara of the Nine. Tfear grew up without his father mostly. As a boy he was cared for by his mother until his father returned broken and battered from the Great War. Phexios, scarred by the events of Balor and the Fallen Lords, began teaching Tfear some spells, but died in the middle of Tfear's teachings.

With his teachings incomplete Tfear began training himself, and like his father, enrolled himself in mercenary dealings/camps. After finding out that the mercenary life was not for him. Tfear defected and went his own separate way. A bounty was placed on his head by the Mercenary Lord, though nothing was ever collected. Tfear eventually joined in the fight against Soulblighter and was a fast friend of Jari the Dwarf, Durak, Antero, and Baeldun.

Tfear would often be called upon to aid others. Having a crush on Kyrilla since he was a boy, he vowed to undo her from her stone curse. He eventually found others to accomplish the task that he could not, and began the long task of wooing her.

Powers Edit

Not as talented as his father. Tfear could throw out green shurikens that drained his foes life force. Tfear's katana could paralyze enemies as well, and he was considered invisible if he stopped moving, or if he was moving in the shadows/nighttime. Tfear dressed in black like his father and appeared like the assassin character in the plugin Assassin with more hit points.