Tharsis is the great volcano over looking Seven Gates in the Cloudspine mountian range. Ancient legends describe Tharsis as the wound of the creator Wyrd inflicted by the goddes Nyx. During the Great War, it erupted for the first time in a thousand years, melting the snow in the pass and spelling the doom of the Avatara Rabican at the hands of The Watcher.

Tharsis was also the doom of the Fallen Lord, Soulblighter. it was here that he tried to cast a spell that would shatter the Cloudspine mountains and potentially destroy the world in the process. He was thwarted by Alric who caused the ledge that Soulblighter was standing on to collapse casting the Fallen Lord into the molten magma where he was incinerated.

It is often known as the Forge of the Trow.