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Myrdred (The Deceiver)

One of the Fallen Lords who served Balor during the Great War. His rivalry with the other Fallen Lords led to his downfall. He disappeared after The Watcher decimated his army at Seven Gates-The Deceiver Description, Glossary, Myth II Manual 


The Deceiver leading an army of thrall.

Originally known as Myrdred in his old life, The Deceiver was an Avatara who betrayed Damas

Ravanna, and Connacht for powerful magic and spells granted to him by Mjarin (The Leveler)[1].  

When Connacht returned as Balor, he raised the Deceiver back from the dead. He held no love for any of the Fallen Lords and, in particular, to his rival, the Watcher[2].  

Twelve years before the events of Myth: The Fallen Lords, The Watcher and The Deceiver had a second duel after the battle of Tyr, with the Deceiver coming out victorious again. The Watcher has barely survived this encounter[3][4].

In the prologue, the Head, reclaimed by the Nine, has sent Alric to the East to get a suite of armor, which allegedly rendered its wearer tireless and almost invulnerable in battle[5][6]. This turned to be a trap, and Alric was captured by The Deceiver, the Head's former puppet.

Alric being interrogated by the Deceiver.

Interrogated by Balor, Alric has found out that Balor had to bind all other lords to himself in order to keep them from an open discord[7][8]. Later Alric was rescued from captivity by Five Champions, killed shade Sinis, who served under the Deceiver, and rejoined the Legion at the Forest Heart.

While The Watcher was left behind Rabican's lines at the West, The Deceiver's army fought Rabican's forces at Seven Gates from the east of Cloudspine. The Deceiver's forces tried to infiltrate Silvermines in order to retrieve The Watcher's arm[9] and use it against him, but Silvermine's garrison managed to snatch it in the nick of time.

After the catastrophic eruption of Tharsis in the middle of the winter, Rabican's forces were burnt or poisoned and the remnants of his army were pinned from both sides and either massacred by The Watcher or bound by The Deceiver to his will[10]. He used them to reclaim The Watcher's arm from the Silvermine's garrison, however, Maeldun and the Legion came to the rescue and managed to fend them off.

Enraged, the Watcher attacked both the Legion and The Deceiver's forces, this time being able to crush the Deceiver's army and get another shade of his, Scaripant, killed. The Deceiver escaped and headed north towards the Stairs of Grief, with The Watcher chasing him. By the end of the spring The Deceiver has crossed the Cloudspine at the Stairs of Grief[11], while the Watcher gave up the chase (possibly being forced by Balor) and started ambushing the Legion from the north[12]. At the same time the Head has started a civil war in the West and had two of the Nine killed, while Maeldun has lost the Bagrada[13] and was seriously wounded[14].

Last thing we know about Deceiver during the Great War is that at the end of the war the remnants of his forces were crushed in the Thyrmir's Gorge at the Stairs of Grief by the likes of Turgeis with Burning Steel, Twelve Motion Jeweled Skull and Durak[15][16]. The Deceiver has lost his scepter, he swept far downstream by the muddy waters of Dramus River (its ice thawed due to eruption of Tharsis) and then frozen in the Angurvadal Glacier[17]. He was injured and needed to be healed.

The Deceiver joins the Legion.

Sixty years later, Alric ordered Twelve Motion Jeweled Skull to find him under the ice. The Journeyman found out that the Warlocks, who were formerly the Deceiver's allies, decided to aid the Deceiver and protect him when Soulblighter came to prominence[18]. Eventually King Alric had The Deceiver healed of his wounds and in doing so, The Deceiver pledged himself to Alric's cause.

The Deceiver was instrumental in making alliance with the trow and the Warlocks of Scholomance, killing The Summoner and crippling Soulblighter, taking his ability to turn into a murder of crows.

The Deceiver fought his final battle with Shiver (and though many say he was killed, Eastereggs and good tactical maneuvers allow The Deceiver to survive the battle and his fate is ultimately unknown. The journal doesn't confirm his demise[19][20][21]).


The Deceiver could use the Binding Dream to bind living enemies to his will and control them. He could also fire lightning bolts from his scepter and call down lightning from the skies. He could teleport, use the death and decay dream, and could disintegrate enemies at close range. He has been hinted at using the Confinement Dream, a spell that buries people underground.

Flavor Text[]

"...the farmland surrounding Covenant was choked with the shattered remains of two armies and pregnant with diseases of the blood... It is from this fortress that he issued his commands."

"...The Watcher had been the second or third most powerful sorcerer in living memory... these two had it out after the battle for Tyr... The Watcher barely survived."