(this is a fan fiction, there was no Fallen Lord known by the name of Faceless Man in any of Myth games)

Myth the faceless man by jago dakari-d54hmzu

The Faceless Man

Not much is known about The Faceless Man, outside that he was on of the Fallen Lords that attacked the West. Given that most of the Fallen Lords names are based on the powers they possessed--it is quite feasible to think that the Faceless Man was capable of paralysing victims and cutting off their face as shown in the picture. The Faceless One may have been a lot like a Skeleton Warrior, though his body would have looked like Soulblighter's body--but without a face. The Faceless Man probably had a skeletal face and probably wore his victim's face over his own in much the same way a Fetch wore the skin of their victims as well--or he appeared as Moagim from Myth 3 the Wolf Age and had the same powers as him. This would make sense since the Faceless Man is referred to as an "ancient evil from the beginning." Moagim was once good. So for many reasons the Faceless Man is often regarded as Moagim2.  

" of the Ancient Evils, and is so old that no one truly remembers where it was he came from, not even himself." 

"...he is completely faceless, without eyes, ears, nose, or mouth." 

"...he never sleeps but continually is on the move, as though his life is dependent on it. Like a cat, he doesn’t kill right away, but enjoys playing games – mostly of the psychological sort to reduce his victims to a paranoid state that drives everyone away from them - with his victims and kills in elaborate, sadistic and imaginative ways. It is said that if he is after you, you are doomed." 

He has no temper to speak of, and it is this lack of emotion that makes a dangerous foe, for his judgment is never clouded. 

Before the coming of Balor, he was rarely seen as an object of fear and legend. He had fought against Connacht a thousand years prior. Connacht became the only man he ever feared, for only Connacht discovered his true name and was able to nearly destroy him. When Connacht returned as Balor, he used the name to force the Faceless Man into a life of service to him. 

Perhaps The Faceless Man and the Faceless Terror Moagim were one in the same but given that Moagim was placed in a urn, this is probably not the case.

Powers Edit

Under the guise of Moagim2, the Faceless Man was invincible from an item known as "The Rod of the Callieach." The Faceless Man was great at hand to hand combat as well. Moagim2 could teleport and cast a Void spell that created a black hole that sucked opponents into it and ripped them apart.