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The Fallen Levels (plugin) is a solo/coop plugin for Myth II: Soulblighter created by Iron Duke, Haravikk, Infininight, and Grasshopper of Project Magma, and it was released on September 9, 2003.[1][2] It was soon updated to version 2 on September 26.[3][4]

As the name suggests, this plugin is a complete conversion of the original Myth: The Fallen Lords solo campaign to Myth II, allowing players to play through the full solo/co-op levels of the original game. Since Myth: TFL hasn't been updated in years, this is the easiest method to play the game.

Known Issues[]

  • The Journeymen sprites have not been converted, still maintaining its Myth II look.
  • Fetch's lightning doesn't set off satchel charges.
  • The north end of the river in "The Great Devoid" has passable terrain where there shouldn't be, making it easy for players to get across.


  • Developers: IronDuke, Haravikk, Infininight, Grasshopper
  • Play-testers: Acrappa, ActiveX, BlackAngel, Capital, ChrisP, Coggs, Dc80s, Doobie, Gastropod, GHOST, Grasshopper, Grignard, Horus, Infininight, lank, MBT, Myrd, Nae'blis, Rubba, Scrapnjack, Skarg, Woden, woof, and possibly others.

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