The Seventh God is an eighteen level campaign pack developed by the Creation Games map making group. It was initially released in September 19, 2001 as a free download,[1][2] and it was also included in Myth II: Worlds on October 2 that same year.[3][4] It's an ambitious plugin that features a brand new story, a whole new setting, over twenty new characters, and some extra multiplayer maps. The plugin also comes with TSG Myth II Solos campaign, and a six level preview pack of The Seventh Godblighter.[5] The latter project was to be a ten level campaign, but it was never finished.[6]

Prologue[edit | edit source]

The Seventh God World Map.jpg

It is in my dreams that I walk. I know not whether this is distant past or the near future, but I recognize where I am. I am on the border of the Dukedom of Kalnethor, along the Midland Woods. There is a noise coming from the forest, a noise like rolling thunder. A primitive, guttural sound that I have heard before. It is the howl from creatures that live in the forest.

The Duke’s Army charges to meet the challenge of the Orcan Tribes. They are men of courage and valor, unaware they are marching to their deaths. They have faced the Tribes many times over the years, and believe they know what to expect. The Orcans are quick, but dimwitted. The soldiers assume that the Orcans will brandish little more than clubs and rocks as weapons, as they have in the past.

They are wrong.

I know some words in the Orcan tongue, and what they are chanting is unlike any of their battle cries that I know. It is not a song of glory. It is not a challenge to the well-trained soldiers. It is a declaration.

“The Gods come,” they howl. “The Gods come and you die.”

The wildmen of the Midlands charge out of the forest with blood-lust in their eyes. The Duke’s army holds its ground against the creatures. They do not yet realize that the real danger lies over the hill, and from the sea. Kalnethor will fall tonight if they fail.

Levels of TSG[edit | edit source]

The Seventh God Missions TSG Myth II Solos
  • 01: Prologue - Red Sky at Morning *
  • 02: Dark Horizon
  • 03: Barbarians at the Gate
  • 04: A Walk in the Woods
  • 05: Sticks and Stones
  • 06: The Fall of Markon
  • 07: Harvek Mountain
  • 08: The Open Road
  • 09: Cincia Burns
  • 10: The Four-Body Problem
  • 11: Culture Shock
  • 12: Veil of Shadows
  • 13: Winter's Breath
  • 14: Mission of Mercy
  • 15: Gram Reforged
  • 16: Their Finest Hour
  • 17: Within the Hourglass
  • 18: Strange Days
  • 19: Ascension
  • 20: Epilogue - Red Sky at Night *

* These maps are cutscenes.

TSG Multiplayer Maps The Seventh Godblighter
  • Vertigo - 2 Team Dark
  • Vertigo - FFA Dark
  • Vertigo - FFA Light
  • Vertigo - 2 Team Light
  • The Dragon's Lair
  • The Elven Lair
  • The Goblin Lair
  • The Orcan Lair
  • Honored Grounds - Large Dark 4T
  • B'dol nar jadd kel dok - Light 4-T
  • Char Jen Hokk - Light Gray 4T
  • Felld Jen Suuc - Small Dark 4T
  • The Darkness That Remains (2-team)
  • The Remaining Heroics (ffa light)
  • The Valor That Remains (2-team)
  • An Axe to Grind
  • A Bone to Pick
  • Castle Maekyl
  • The Disciple
  • Home of The Shadowveil *
  • Bridge To Jorharrol Keep *
  • A Night In The Woods
  • Cincia Besieged *

*These levels do not work.

Credits[edit | edit source]

All of the following people were involved in the production of The Seventh God listed alphabetically.

  • Artwork: Arc (aka Bryce Gunkel)
  • Gameplay director, scripting, compiling, physics, flavors, story editing: Ares (aka Argyrios Saccopoulos)
  • Scripting: BadThrall (aka Matt C)
  • Artistic director, colormaps, model texturing, pregames, scenery, website: Clem (aka Rick Stufflebean)
  • Story: Chad (aka Chad Jones)
  • Units, scenery, physics, flavor texts: Cydonian (aka Bill Erickson)
  • Colormaps, model texturing: Dozer (aka Stuart Malaske)
  • Scripting, Bug fixes, v1.1 Update: Ghost (aka Thom Ling)
  • Scenery: Giant (aka Scott Melanson)
  • Model hexing help: Killswitch (aka M. Sanders)
  • Vulthannis unit, effects: Korgath (aka David Predina)
  • Story Editing: Milk Man (aka Cedric Williams)
  • Colormaps: Modest
  • Scripting, physics, scenery, models: Reddek (aka John Morris)
  • Scripting, compiling, physics, flavor texts, special effects, story editing: SiliconDream (aka Anton Mates)
  • Colormaps, models, model texturing: Soma (aka Phillip Urlich)
  • Scripting, PC debugging: Synapsed (aka Chad Careswell)
  • Models, scenery, model texturing: The Pope (aka Paul Schrier)

Glue the Moose Music Studios is responsible for the music and narration of The Seventh God. The team members are:

  • Keyboards: Nate Tschetter
  • Guitar: John DePatie
  • Strings: David Hughes
  • Vocals: William Rivera
  • Additional Percussion: Dave Anderson, Bobby Breton
  • Music Copyright Glue the Moose, Inc. 2001

Voice Cast:

  • Gorlan: Tobias Korner
  • Jarl Werrand: Paul Lewis
  • Male Voices: Bill Erickson
  • Female Voices: Robin Tarter

Special thanks to: the Wolfpack order for dedicated beta testing. Vista Cartel for their fantastic tools and Take Two for having the confidence and interest in our abilities to feature TSG on the M2: Worlds CD on sale in a store near you. Last but definitely not least, all our beta testers! Without your help this project would not be as complete and enjoyable as it currently is. Thanks to all of you.

Bugs[edit | edit source]

  • The level softlocks when completing mission nine, "The Four-Body Problem". Simply activate the auto win cheat (Ctrl+Plus) to skip onto the next mission.
  • On The Seventh Godblighter, levels three, four, and six are inaccessible.

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