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The Watcher: Mad Goat of the Fens, true name is Bahl'al. " ... the seventh wave of Thrall stumbled and climbed over the slippery, piled dead and Mazzarin saw The Watcher with them and at last knew the number of his days." Imprisoned by Connacht during the Wind Age, The Watcher only escaped by tearing off his left arm at the elbow, like a wolf chewing through his leg to escape a snare. "The old stories all tell that when Balor freed The Watcher from his prison under the Cloudspine, one arm was left trapped in his prison of solid rock." "...Bahl'al spurred his army onward with a blistering wind. Three full days before his army arrived... the citizens of Tyr knew their doom lumbered nearer with each passing hour..." "Bahl'al descended to the flooded, rusting halls of Si'anwon and under the sea there took no breath for nine days, searching the ruined palaces and temples of the Trow for the dream of unlife."

The first human necromancer, and one of the most villainous creatures to walk the face of Myth. His insane desire to turn the world into a land of shambling dead has pitted him against the Avatara and the Cath Bruig for centuries. -Bahl'lal the Watcher Description, Glossary, Myth III Manual


Bahl'lal the Watcher was the second or third strongest of the Fallen Lords, and he was the most powerful necromancer to walk the world.

Bahl'lal started of as a human sorcerer born from ages past. Not much is known about his beginnings or which land he hailed from. But what could be determined was that he had a hunger for power and a lust for ancient powerful magic.

Upon learning of the Callieach and the Wyrd Runestones that they drew their god like magic from, he walked a path that plagued the world for millennia. He traveled to the lost sunken trow city of Si'anwon where the Runestones that the trow stole from the Callieach resided beneath the icy waters. It is said that he descended into the rusting flooded hall of the city and took no breath for nine days, likely using his powers to sustain him. After the nine days of searching he found the Runestone that bestows the Dream of Unlife. And so Bahl'lal became the first necromancer.

Over the centuries, he terrorized the world with his undead horde. He clashed with the Cath Bruig Empire and the Avatara of Illuan many times, attacking them and adding their dead to enlarge his armies. Whenever his hordes would be defeated he would retreat, not to be heard from again for decades until he returned with an army bigger than the last. It was the Avatara that would bestow the name The Watcher to him.

The Watcher fighting along side Moagim Reborn.

His first major defeat took place during his time fighting along side with Moagim Reborn during the Wind Age. He was defeated by the Avatara Myrdred in spectacular dream duel at the base of the Cloudspine. He narrowly avoided death and a bitter hatred between the two sorcerers was forged. After Moagim was defeated, he was pursued by the Avatara over the Cloudspine until he was finally captured in the town of Silvermines. A lengthy debate occurred as how to dispose of him and, deciding that a quick death is too merciful for him, the Watcher was imprisoned inside the Cloudspine with a powerful confinement dream that bound his body to the very rock of the mountains.

When Connacht was reborn as Balor, he freed the Watcher from his prison and bound him to his service and will. However, it seemed that the necromancer had to amputate his own arm in order to escape his prison, possibly from the last remnant of the spell that imprisoned him.

The Watcher would serve Balor with unquestioning ability during the Great War, razing the city of Tyr to the ground. However, his rivalry with Myrdred, now the Deceiver, became prevalent many times and they would often clash with each other. Evidence of this rivalry is when the Deceiver sent forces to Silvermines in search of The Watcher's arm, which the Legion would later acquire.

The Watcher's final moments as a statue before he was destroyed.

During the final years of the war, he attempted to take the Total Codex from the Legion after it was recovered from the ruins of Covenant. He failed when the Legion managed to escape using a secret tunnel. He would later slay the avatara Rabican when Tharsis erupted, before smashing straight through the Deceiver's army.

During the Legion's march to Balors fortress, He ambushed the Legion many times in the Dire Marsh and it was here that the tables would be turned. In a stunning surprise attack, he was hit with arrows tipped with fragment's of bone from his own lost arm. Magically, he was turned into stone, leaving him helpless against the Legion. Despite his own forces protecting his immobile body, a group of berserks tore their way through his defenses and ultimately shattered him into many fragments. Bahl'lal the Watcher was finally killed.


The Watcher was the second or third most powerful wizard in the myth lore. He could use many Fire Dreams, creating volcanic eruptions from the earth with the Dream of Molten Iron and Whisper Dream. He could use a necromantic version of Dispersal Dream, curse units, and he was renowned for creating Thrall (Children of Bahl'lal) with the Dream of Unlife. He could even create upgraded versions of Thrall called Black Thrall which were the most elite thrall that Bahl'lal could create.

Flavor Text[]

Myth: TFL[]

"Imprisoned by Connacht during the Wind Age, The Watcher only escaped by tearing off his left arm at the elbow, like a wolf chewing through his leg to escape a snare."

Myth III[]

"Still wet from the frigid waters of Si'anwon, Bahl'al moved rapidly to find a fresh corpse for his experiment. Slain by his blade, Bahl'al intoned the chants of his newly discovered dream over the cooling body. Slowly, the arms began twitching, and the corpse's white eyes opened to stare into sky. Bahl'al let a shriek of ecstasy into the heavens..."

"...A world where the corpulent dead roam - where their torn and bloodied shapes shuffle in their mindlessness. A world where he and he alone would command - ruling over a world of fetid decay. Thus was the dream of the Bahl'al the Watcher..."