Fir'Bolg Princess

Commanding the Fir'Bolg with a just heart--the Fir'Bolg Princess was always an ally to light. She allowed many of her people to train the human bowmen and was renowned for her leadership. 

The Fir'Bolg Princess became the High Queen after the King (ou'Kahn) of the Fir'Bolg passed away. She was the only heir after her mother died during her birth. She strongly hated the Dark and the Bre'Unors. Gor-Ash was the Fir'Bolg Princess' most hated enemy and she would ally with anyone who stood against him.

The Fir'Bolg Princess is a unique character in Myth as she is one of the few ruling good females. Her name is known to many Myth players as Vy'rony. 

Powers Edit

The Fir'Bolg Princess held many powers that some would consider to be unnatural. Like Shiver, she could float. She even had the ability to heal and shoot beams of power, but her most powerful ability was her ability to command and summon Griffons. Vy'rony also bore a magical root that reduced her damage and allowed her to resist all poisons.