The Warlocks of the Scholomance are a faction of magic wielders, much like the Avatara. But, while the Avatara

Warlocks: The Warlocks from the Scholomance, ancient allies of The Deceiver and collaborators of the Fallen Lords, delving into magics from Dreams other than Wyrd's, too frightening to imagine for many of the world, losing their souls as a price for the power they wield. "...drawn to forbidden lore and others wise in the ways of the metaphysical sciences as a moth is to a flame... they are doomed by the very knowledge that gives them power over other men." "The Warlocks are grim, humorless men; their hearts hardened by the secrets learned in the pursuit of power. And when a Warlock grins, it is unlikely you would find his thoughts amusing."

utilise the dream magics of Wyrd, the Warlocks draw their power from darker sources, the Dark Gods.

The Warlocks were first formed by the Avatara sorceress Moytirra, noted for her fevered studies and lust for power. She gathered many followers who shared the same veiws and they conducted rituals to convene with the Dark Gods, forbidden by the Avatara. Mazzarin, Archmage and founder of the Avatara order, confronted Moytirra about this. Moytirra zealously defended her actions, believing that power is worth any cost, even the soul. A duel was fought between them and, despite both being equally skilled in the ways of magic, Mazzarin emegered the victor. Mazzarin bid Moytirra to end her pursiut of dark magic or be exiled from the ranks of the Avatara. Moytirra cursed at Mazzarin for her defeat and she and her followers left the Avatara.

In time, Moytirra founded her own school of magic and the Order of Scholomance was born.

The Warlocks, for much of history, cared not for the world and looked only to their pursuit of power above all things. However, through events in history, the Warlocks rose to high status during the Wind age when their current High Master, Mjarin (The Leveler), became the advisor to the Emperors of the Cath Bruig empire. The Warlocks were often sent to aid the forces of Llancarfan, using their powerful magic to lay waste to the enemy, though it should be noted that they were under Mjarin's command and not the army's.

In the end, Mjarin was revealed to be the Leveler and was defeated by Connacht the Wolf. The Warlocks then disappeared from affairs, presumably under the leadership of Myrdred, now branded The Deceiver.

The Warlocks had apparently, though not fully known, aided Balor and the Fallen Lords during the Great War, laying waste to Rabican's army when Tharis erupted. Their magic was something that not even the Light's wizards could counter

After the Great War, the Warlocks spent their time guarding over The Deceiver who lay entombed within Angurvadal Glacier on the Cloudspine mountains, killing any who ventured to close. When the Legion revived The Deceiver, after pitting the Warlocks and Soulblighter's forces into battle as a distraction, the Warlocks joined the light and proved instrumental in defending Lesotho Dam and killing the fallen lord Shiver.