The Wyrd is said to be a divine being who created the entire world through a dream.

It is said that he and and the goddess Nyx were rivals as Trow legend claims that Nyx was angered by Wyrd's changing of the world through his dream, having just breathed life into her Trow creations.

It is said that Wyrd and Nyx fought a titanic battle with Nyx causing a great wound to Wyrd, and through his dream powers, causing the great volcano Tharsis to form. Wyrd would not fall to Nyx so easily and in blind rage, Nyx called upon the Dark Gods to aid her. Wyrd was finally shattered in this final all out attack, his shattered body spreading all over the world, forming into the Wyrd Runestones from which his dream magics would be derived. But the one dream of Wyrd remained.